Bespoke Canopy Kit Enquiry

Please provide the following details of your bespoke canopy in the message box below, and we will get back to you asap with a delivered price for your kit:

Please provide the following information (all measurements in mm)

  • Length along the supporting wall:
  • Projection out form the wall:  (this is the measurement to the outside of the supporting front posts)
  • Frame Colour: White / Brown / Anthracite
  • Roof Tint (16mm multiwall): 'Clear' / Bronze / Opal
  • Roof pitch (5 degree is standard): 5 degree / 10 degree / 15 degree
  • Post length (2250mm is standard): 2250mm / 3000mm

Plus any other information you think may be relevant, or any questions you may have.


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