Aluminium 'F Section' Gable / Wall Bars - (C)


A versatile trim which can be utilised at either side of a lean to roof 

A simple yet effective method of finishing the gable ends of a lean to roof where the roof abuts a wall to ease the wall flashing process.   The profile is inverted and simply sits on the supporting rafter prior to fixing to the wall.  Sheets should be sealed within the 'prongs' with a low modulus neutral cure silicone sealant.  A glazing bar is not required.   It may be attached to the sheet prior to fitting.

Can also be used as a cost effective substitute Gable Bar in place of a 'Snap down' Glazing Bar with an End Finish Profile (B) as the use of an additional Glazing Bar is not required.

The sheet fits directly into the 'prongs' as below it is then simply 'face fixed' to the outer edge of the end rafter with woodscrews and caps (not supplied).

Available for 10mm, 16mm & 25mm multi-wall sheets.

Manufactured in Colour Coated Aluminium.  They are not the Cheaper PVC versions


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