Axgard Solid Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet - BRONZE



Virtually Unbreakable Tinted Sheets

Bronze Axgard® sheet products are specified where a high degree of strength is required to protect against impact and provide a safe glazing solution in the place of glass. The Bronze Tinted Axgard® material is extruded from a polymer resin which has an impact strength of approximately 200 times that of glass of the same thickness and is therefore classed as virtually unbreakable, yet is as easy to cut, shape and drill as any standard PVC sheet.

Unlike many other plastic glazing options, Axgard® sheets are manufactured with an additional layer which protects the material from degradation due to the effects of ultra violet light.

Axgard® Bronze is manufactured in thicknesses of 4mm and 5mm as standard, and is probably the largest range of standard sheet sizes of its product type globally.

For Roofing Applications Glaze With Either ALUKAP-XR or ALUKAP-SS Systems


  • Bomb Blast Resistant
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Doesn’t shatter like glass
  • Lighter weight than glass of the same thickness
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Flexible in thinner gauges for curving
  • UV protected on both sides

Common uses

  • Safety Glazing
  • Covered Walkways
  • Balcony Screens
  • Lighting Covers
  • Exterior Safety Glazing
  • Bicycle Shelters
  • Canopies & Shelters
  • Anti-vandal Glazing
  • Boat Windscreens
  • Secondary Glazing

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