'EZ Glaze' Glass Like Polycarbonate Roof Panels

EZ Glaze glass clear polycarbonate roofing panels ideal for pergolas, gazebos and canopies

UPDATE 17-06-24

Due to an unprecedented demand both Clear and Bluish Breeze Clear EZ Glaze panels are currently out of stock - we have been advised by the manufacturer that stocks will be available in 3 weeks from the above date.

EZ Glaze™ offers smart design, elegant glass-like appearance (the Clear panels have almost exactly the same light transmission as glass), versatility, low maintenance and sustainable performance.  

EZ Glaze™ v Glass

  • Light transmission - the Clear panels are virtually identical to glass.
  • Impact strengthEZ Glaze™ has 200x the impact strength of plate glass.
  • Lightweight - EZ Glaze™ is half the weight of 3mm glass.
  • Installation - EZ Glaze™ is easy to cut and install, no joining or glazing bars are required.

EZ Glaze™ incorporates a proprietary profiled design which enables it to be installed over rafters fitted at 600mm centres with a high loading capacity. EZ Glaze™ is easy to fasten; the panels are simply screw fixed to the supportive structure and joined by overlapping.  NO GLAZING BARS ARE REQUIRED.

EZ-Glaze fitting instructions