'PALSUN' Solid Flat Polycarbonate Glazing Sheets: 3mm - 12mm

Typical Applications for Palsun Polycarbonate Sheets 

Palsun Polycarbonate Applications
Why Choose Palsun Solid Clear Polycarbonate Sheets?
Palsun sheets are produced from polycarbonate resin which is one of the most advanced polymers produced today. It combines unique strength, superior transparency,  and proven durability, whilst remaining lightweight, flexible, fire resistant, making it the perfect security, glazing material for any application.

Palsun is virtually as transparent as glass, more than 200 times stronger, and less than half the weight. It is widely used in vandal-prone areas, in high impact applications, or where security is at risk.

Millions of square meters of PALSUN have been installed around the world in projects that surpass the imagination.

Palsun has DOUBLE the UV Protection of many sheets on the market due to a Protective UV Coating on BOTH Sides of the sheet.

Palsun is the ideal glazing material to use with the 'SUNWOOD' roof glazing bars if you require a crystal clear roof.

Palsun v Glass

Palsun Solid Polycarbonate sheets are available in a range of standard sizes in the following thicknesses :

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR - 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm

cut to size polycarbonate sheets 

We offer a Cut to Size service on all  Palsun solid polycarbonate sheets.

For a quotation please supply the following information via the 'Message Us' widget below:

Sheet thickness, sheet sizes (in mm) and number of each sheet size required.