SUNTUF Clear Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

Suntuf Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

Available in lengths up to 6000mm!

SUNTUF is the world’s leading corrugated polycarbonate sheet for architectural, industrial, agricultural, and DIY applications, including skylights/ rooflights, sidelights, and complete corrugated polycarbonate roofing and cladding solutions.

Weighing half the weight of the equivalent thickness in glass, SUNTUF corrugated sheets also offer multiple advantages over traditional alternatives: up to 20 times greater impact resistance, the highest light transmission rates, the lowest yellowing index, the highest load rating, and the highest resistance to wind uplift.

These outstanding properties confirmed in accredited laboratory testing and in installations around the world since 1984, make SUNTUF corrugated polycarbonate roofing an optimal solution.

Main Benefits

  • Premium-performing panel is virtually unbreakable
  • Up to 90% light transmission
  • Long-term weather and UV resistance
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Meets fire rating requirements
  • Limited lifetime warranty, including 10-years for damage due to hail
  • Best snow load capacity
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Typical Applications

  • Patio, deck and pergola covers
  • Swimming pool covers or enclosures
  • Conservatories and sunrooms
  • Storage units
  • Residential Carports
  • Hobby greenhouses
  • Canopies and awnings
  • Storage sheds roofing and cladding