EZ Glaze 'Bluish Breeze' Polycarbonate Roof Panel



UPDATE 09-07-24 Clear and Blueish Breeze

All EZ Glaze panels are now back in stock.

Bar the 6000mm lengths of blueish breeze which will be available 1st week in August.

'Blue Tinted', high clarity, polycarbonate roof panel fits directly to 50mm wide timber rafters at 600mm rafter centres.  

Panel Information:  

Colour:  Blue Tint

Thickness:  3mm 

Panel Width: 688mm (overall)

Cover Width:  600mm 

Panel length: 3000mm, 3500mm, 4000mm & 6000mm

Light Transmission:  70%

Snow Loading:  400kg/m² 

Flammability:  European Standard EN13501 - Bs1, d0

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