Sunwood 'Spider' Ridge End Cap - PVCu


Used in Victorian style conservatories the customisable spider fits various glazing thicknesses and rafter/hip bar positions.

Made from tough PVCu, the Plastic Spider Top Cap is an alternative to the aluminium cast Sunwood spider and is the preferred choice when fitting a Spider over Hip Bars.

The Plastic Spider Top Cap is deeper than the aluminium Sunwood Spider, which allows it to cover the deeper profile of Hip Bars.  Being made from plastic, the Spider Top Cap can be cut to follow the profile of Hip and Main bars, meaning it can sit neatly on the ridge and over the glazing material prior to final sealing with silicone sealant where the cap attached to the ridge and is cut to shape over the bars.
The Sunwood Plastic Spider Top Cap works well with the combined Sunwood Cresting & Finial as the Cresting & Finial casting slides into the Cresting Channel on the Ridge Top Cap, trapping the Plastic Spider Top Cap in place.

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